About Dato’ Dr Suriya

Integrative Medicine Professional
Working in my Melaka Office

Dato’ Dr Suriya is a  Medical Doctor. She  graduated from the University of Alexandria, Egypt with a Medical degree MBBCh in 1980..Since then she has obtained a postgraduate Diploma in Reproductive Medicine  and she is also a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy United Kingdom,(MFHom UK). This means she is a Medical Homeopath.  In Malaysia, she is  one out of two doctors with a Faculty of Homeopathy ( UK ) qualification. She  passed her MFHom  exams with distinction, the third distinction awarded by the Facultyof Homeopathy (UK )  in 10 years.

She has her own private practice in Melaka, Malaysia and   taught Homeopathy  at Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) .

 Besides conventional medicine, she  practices homeopathy as well as energy healing which  makes her an Integrative Physician. She can see a health issue from various aspects and also deliver several modalities of treatment. Among the cases she has successfully treated are autistic children, kidney problems (nephrotic syndrome), skin problems including eczema and psoriasis, allergies and eczema as well as a multitude of emotional disturbances including obsessive compulsive disorders

She received training in Homeopathy from various teachers;  her  fihrst teacher was the late Dr Dali Muin who learned from Dr Burhadundin Hilmi who introduced homeopathy to Malaysia.  She was also trained at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine in UK  ( it used to be called The  Royal London Homeopathy Hospital)

For her energy healing,  she has trained with healers from the US under the Sufi Healing Order. She is also a student at Darussyifa besides  being a level three Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. Her  teachers were Karl Dawson from the UK  and Peter Graham, from Perth Australia, both EFT Masters who studied under the founder Gary Craig. Lately she  has been undergoing NLP ( neurolinguistic programming) training with Sam Witteveen and will be completing Master Practioner certification in the middle of next year.  Dr Suriya tends to insist on learning from the best and Sam is a highly successful entreprenuer who loves to teach what he knows.

A few  years ago, she  did human resource development training for her NGO. What started as a kind of hobby became a passion and she  underwent an ICF certified coaching course in 2005 and she is now a certified professional coach.   She was too busy with  teaching in the university and her clinics to focus on this,  even so she  has done quite a number of professional trainings in coaching, emotional intelligence and team building for various organizations including the Ministry of Health. Needless to say her  training in coaching has helped her  in her work as a doctor, homeopath as well as energy psychology therapy where it helps tremendously when patients become aware of their issues and blocks .

The many interests and skills Dr Suriya has makes her holistic in her approach to health and healing. In her own clinic, Klinik Taqwa where is is able to see cases on only two days a week,she is almost always fully booked. It is nothing to wonder about because she coaches, educates, informs as well as treats her patients using her many skills as doctor, homeopath energy psychologist and coach.

Links to some of her homeopathy cases and articles

It has come to my notice that there are those who want to confirm her registration with the MMC. Please search Klinik Taqwa or her name spelt like this Suriya Khatun Osman . This is actually a mispelling by MMC .


9 thoughts on “About Dato’ Dr Suriya

  1. Assalam alaikum warahmatullah…. Today I read your article concerning arthritis and its remedies. I am Riyaz Ahmad Ansari from India 58 years old suffering from arthritis a genetic case as my mom was the patient but now she is no more.
    The homeopathic medicines which you suggested categorically I am taking the medicines since last 4 years. Thanks so much to you for detailed article which is much valuable for the arthritic patients….

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