Watch your filter!

To be human is to be prejudiced. We get used to seeing things in a certain way. At times we do not even notice we are seeing something from a certain perspective. It is like forgetting you have sunglasses on and thinking that the day has become dark!
So we see somebody behaving in a certain way and we link it back to our own behaviour and we usually know why we do something- usually, but not always. We then equate what the other person did with a hidden intention within that other person. Worse still, we then use our perception to make an accusation and maybe we are right but, maybe we are wrong!
Have you done that lately? Have you accused somebody of showing off? Of wanting a free ride, or of trying to impress? Do you know or, is it a perception based on your own view point which includes your filters?
It matters if you work with people, it also matters if you are a doctor and even more when you are a homeopath to know you have filters and know when you are being opinionated and when you are being objective in your recording the symptoms and signs of the case.
As an example, a patient starts to bat their eyelids at you and you immediately go on your guard because you think she is flirting. It turns out she has dust in her eyes. So the filter you have is your past experience of other women who bat their eyelids at you!
Another example would be when a person is good at something and demonstrates what they are good at. You immediately think: “Show off! ” It may just be that the person is just being her/him self and does not even think very much of what he/she is good at, simply because it is part and parcel of him/her.

So the point I am driving at is, to be aware of your filters, do not make assumptions and worse still accuse people based on your interpretation of their behaviour. Ask if you need to and find that person’s reasons, not the ones you think are that persons reasons!