How I discovered Homeopathy

I still love Alexandria!

I was in final year and facing the final MBBCh medical exams in Alexandria Egypt. Somehow I was not doing very well studying because my allergies were getting out of hand.

The hot dusty Alexandria weather did not help much and my eyes were red and itching and in the morning I could not stop sneezing. I was trying to avoid antihistamines because they were making me sleepy and I could not focus on the books. Huge medical books that had to be revised again and again as well as countless past year papers I had to do as an exercise to get ready for my written exams.

My anxiety level at this time had flown through the roof! I was ready to try anything no matter how illogical or unreasonable it seemed to be!

A friend suggested I see a fellow student who had brought with him some homeopathic medicine. I had never heard about Homeopathy before but was willing to give it a try !

So I saw the student who had studied a bit of Homeopathy and he gave me some tiny white sugar pills, just a tiny packet that was for three doses of medicine. It seemed rather too little to me and I did think I would certainly need more but I did not want to ask him for more as I thought he probably needed his medicine for other people and had not got so much on him!

Anyway, after taking the first dose, I found that I felt less anxious almost immediately even though there was some tightness in my chest when I went to bed that night.

The next morning I woke up without swollen eyes and with no sneezing! Amazing! that was the first time in months that I was free from my sneezing!

What amazed me even more was that I did not need the other two doses of the medicine. This medicine helped me get through my exams and pass with a Jaid Jiddan which is close to a distinction, the best results being Mumtaz.

I owe my medical degree to Homeopathic treatment.

When I came back to Malaysia, I looked for local homeopaths and found my first teacher Dr Dali Muin and started my studies and the miracle that happened to me was repeated many times with my patients!