TREATING AMY (AMZ), a case of childhood psoriasis

This article was published in the Australian Homeopathy Journal Similia in 2007 under the title Treating Maryam

I first saw AMZ when she was a month old . She was born in 2003.

AMZ is the youngest child in a family o 3 children. Her other siblings had no history of eczema or asthma . Her parents are also healthy and have no history of any chronic skin problems or asthma.

When her mother was pregnant with AMZ , she was treated for a viral fever which subsided after a week.

AMZ first had an exfoliating rash when she was a month old. I treated her with homeopathic remedies based on the law of similars. The remedy that I had given her when she was a baby was Bell which ameliorated what looked like a bad infantile eczema. Bell worked well several times, whenever she had a recurrence.

The reason I chose Bell in the first place was because the rash always had an erysepelous base and in my experience Bell works well. It proved to work quite well at first.

From Lippes Materia Medica on Bell:

Under face:“Erysipelatous swelling of the face.

Under skin:”Vesicular eruptions, with scabs, white edges and œdematous swellings.

Whenever she had a fever, she also had a very mild erythematous rash and Bell also suited the fever which was very hot and dry.

I usually give Bell in 200c potency as a liquid dose. I ask the dose to be stopped when the condition starts to improve. If 5 doses failed to act, they were to stop the dosing and get back to me.

Her condition recurred several times throughout the years, leading up to her flare up in December of 2006 which makes one think of a miasmatic base. I should have suspected it already, seeing that her initial complaint was at one month old!

She was not always treated with homeopathic remedies, since she was also seeing other doctors who were panel doctors for the company her father worked in so I note several occasions when she was given paracetamol, anthistamine and steroid creams for her skin.

What I write below is the focus of this paper so I will put a time line for the events that took place as well as try to give a rationale of my prescriptions.


She had a bad flare up on for which I gave Bell. Her symptoms at this time were the same rash on an erythematous base  on her head. Her rash was exfoliating, which gave me more reason to prescribe Bell.

I gave Bell 30c to be taken daily until improvement. This time I gave dry doses.

She did not get better and then, in fact she became steadily worse.

In December 2006( 1/12/2006) she had a very bad flare up which spread to her whole body .

Her symptoms were again, an exfoliating rash now not confined to her head but had spread from her head to her limbs as well as her torso in the front and in the back.


She came to see three days after getting discharged from the General Hospital.

 Two weeks before, I was away from my clinic and my locum  referred her to the General Hospital and admitted to the ward for one week. She was  given IV  steroids and antibiotics. They thought she had childhood psoriasis. The doctors warded her for a week and, 3 days after they discharged her and  she had was ill again, only this time it was worse than before she was admitted.

She was febrile, her joints were stiff and painful, her knees swollen and red with the skin exfoliating.!She also had a wet cough . I gave her hepar sulph 200c , 5 doses in water ,  6 hourly based on her extreme sensitiveness and she seemed a wee bit better  when I saw her after 3 days But , she was still quite bad I changed to pulsatilla 200c , 5 doses 6 hourly in water. My rationale for the pulsatilla was her extreme clinginess as well as the polyarthritis and the weepiness and the cough which was worse lying down. I was also thinking that the rash resembled an  exanthema .

Lippe on Pulsatilla.

Peevishness, which increases to tears, with chilliness thirstlessness

Red-hot swelling of the feet extending up to the calf, with stinging pain.

“Cough, with expectoration in the morning or during the day only, without expectoration at night.

“Exanthemata itching-stinging, chapped.


 No  improvement , if anything she seemed worse, with severe chilliness, needed to be wrapped up with extreme sensiviteness, joint pain,swelling and stiffness, the whole body was peeling.She was febrile  and her legs looked like erysipelas , with redness swelling and heat as well as pain. I feared for her life since she was losing a lot of heat and moisture from her skin but parents refused to send her to hospital and there are no homeopathic hospitals here. .Her whole body was peeling away , the skin was red and inflammed., she had an exhausting cough and she was also having rigours . It was too painful for her to move so she was lying down semi curled up , at the same time she was uncomfortable and had to move slightly to change position.

Then, based on her appearance which reminded me of scarlet fever and taking note of all her symptoms , I repertorised for the case and I gave rhus tox 200c in water, with instructions not to exceed 5 doses and to stop as soon as there was some change. I also gave her a referral in case the remedy did not work since she was in grave danger of dying from dehydration..You can see the repertorising I did was only for her symptoms .The remedies that were in all the rubrics were Aconite, Arsenicum, Rhus Tox, Sulphur Phosphorus and Mercury.  I chose Rhus Tox because of her modality of finding it painful to stay in one position while it was also painful to move. The desquamation was also a deciding  factor and I  was certainly not going to prescribe sulphur in such an acute state. Arsenicum would seem an obvious choice given the severe anxiety everybody was going through but the extent of the skin made me think Rhus Tox .Mercury might have made some sense as would Phosphorus but Rhus Tox scored higher using weightage.

I saw her  5 days later, a real huge change,the skin on her face and body was no longer peeling, joints were no longer stiff nor were they swollen, the skin on her legs were  still red and the skin from her feet were still peeling but she was cheerful and afebrile. Her cough had become very minimal . Her appetite was good!  No remedies at this point.

When I saw her five days after the Rhus tox, She was very well and very cheerful, all that was left was some rough skin and a wee bit of scurf on her head .

Follow up11 /1/2007

AMZ still had a mild rash but was otherwise well.
I retook her case and gave her Phosphorus a remedy that fitted her very well constitutionally. It is a miasmatic remedy in Hahneman’s book Chronic Disease and seemed to be a good constitional remedy as well. (When she is well, she is a very cheerful and friendly girl) Looking through her notes again I discovered she had seen a regular doctor a month prior to her severe attack complaining of cough and was found to be having asthma. Another reason for the phosphorus since I found that in my practice, more than 60 % of the asthma cases seemed to need phosphorus. I have her 3 dry doses of 200c to be taken 12 hourly.

Follow up: 11/2/2007

 Not even any scurf, very well indeed.


She came in with a cough cold and fever , for the first time she had a fever without any accompanying rash. Prior to this , she would always develop a slight erythematous rash when she had a fever from a cold or a flu. The dandruff was also  quite persistant. There was none on this visit .What comes to mind is that such chronic symptoms in one so young should have given me warning of the miasmatic basis of her dandruff rash and erythema.

There was some slight exfoliation on the feet , it was very mild and I would wait and see if she needs another remedy. This exfoliation is a feature of both psoriasis and eczema  but at this point , I am thinking perhaps another miasmatic picture is showing itself. Ardavan says to let the miasm speak to you and I think now she is expressing a different miasm. Her mum showed me her nails which recently manifested as pitting of the nails., another feature that could be either eczema or psoriais except it is rare in childhood psoriasis.. According to Ardavan’s materia  virosa , this could be a herpes miasm. 

Here are some photos I took as she was getting better, I did not take any pictures when she was gravely ill, never thought to take them at that point!

1st Jan

5 days after Rhus Tox 200c no more exfoliating on her face which was still slightly red and she had dandruff on her head .

1st Jan

She was very much better but her feet and legs were still red and peeling. This was the first time I thought to take pictures and before this the whole body including the face looked like this.


9th Jan

When she came again a week later, there were only scabs in her scalp .

9th Jan

Her legs look great don t they?


24 April.

 She had a cold and a slight fever, which explains her solemn look. No rash , only  mild exfoliating on her feet which is good because being confined to her feet would be consistent with the direction of cure.



Thus far it seems that I have noted that the rash was erythematous and also that right from the start there was an element of exfoliation and desquamation. The clinical picture would be consistent with infantile eczema or childhood psoriasis .

Going by the above description, it would not have been off the mark for the doctors to suspect that AMZ had a severe form of childhood psoriasis as well as their wanting to opt for cytotoxic drugs.

It is claimed that the cause for childhood psoriasis is unknown but also that it can be triggered by a viral such as chicken pox or bacterial infection such at a strep throat .2 This is interesting in the treatment of AMZ because I noted that the symptoms looked like a very bad case of Scarlet Fever .

AMZ did have her skin peeling in the hands and the fingers and toes as well as on the limbs , in fact all over her body! She also had swollen legs which looked like erysipelas , only it did not respond to antibiotics which I presume was chosen according to what the lab findings showed was

Differential Diagnosis for the pitted nails and the skin peeling: Both psoriasis and eczema have pitted nails but pitted nails is rare in childhood

Postcript May 2009

It is almost 3 years since AMZ was cured from this condition.

In this time, the past remedy was repeated 2 times when there was a very mild rash during epsisodes of fever.

For the past one year, AMZ has had a few episodes of viral fevers with NO rash.

Her nails are normal .

There is not the slightest skin problem .



2Childhood bouts of psoriasis can be triggered by a cold, chicken pox, tonsillitis, or a respiratory infection, like strep throat




Panas badan, panas baran



Soalan dari pembaca

Saya ada beberapa masalah dan boleh saya minta pandangan Dr?

1) Badan saya sentiasa panas tapak tangan, kepala dan seluruh badan walaupun dalam keadaan saya sihat (tak demam dan sebagainya). Saya alami benda ni sejak saya kecil dan sampai sekarang.

Jawapan :
Panas pada tapak tangan kepala dan seluruh badan bererti ada pengaliran tenaga yang mungkin mengalami ‘block ‘. Individu ini kena lakukan ‘grounding ‘ ia itu dia kena banyak berjalan ditanah tanpa pakai kasut dan elok juga mandi sungai atau laut . Boleh juga dibetulkan dengan latihan nafas , untuk yang ini perlu jumpa pengamal yang faham caranya .

Therapi yang guna meridian seperti acupuncture dan moxibustion boleh juga meleraikan sekatan energi yang ada .

Dari segi fisiologi ada kemungkinan BMR individu ini tinggi dan ini menyebabkan panas . Perlu juga diperiksa darah untuk ujian fungsi thyroid untuk pastikan tidak ada penyakit hyperthyroid.

Dalam keadaan menopause ‘hot flash’ berlaku sebab perubahan hormonal namun ada juga yang berpendapat ia disebabkan pengaliran vital force dari bawah ke atas yang menambahkan creative energy individu berkenaan

Ia juga berlaku pada sesetengah invidivu semasa solat . Bila ia berlaku semasa solat, ia mungkin ‘healing energy’ yang pulihkan emosi dan mental individu itu . Sering berlaku apabila individu itu telah hadapi situasi yang kurang menyenangkan dan berlaku juga bila individu itu banyak layan orang . Dalam kes ini , ia sebenarnya baik dan akan stabilkan semula aliran tenaga, ( kuasa hayat ) dalam badan .

Individu yang ada ‘healing energy ‘ anugerah Allah swt juga alami keadaan tangan panas serta kepala panas dan penyelesaiannya adalah individu ini perlu gunakan anugerah Allah ini untuk rawat orang yang perlukan .

Soalan :
2) Saya seorang yang panas baran. Saya mudah naik angin hanya disebabkan oleh perkara yang kecil. Saya sedar perbuatan saya salah ketika saya melenting tu, tapi selalunya saya gagal mengawal perasaan marah saya ketika itu. Selalunya bila marah saya dah reda, saya akan menyesal yang teramat sangat.
Saya dah berusaha dan berdoa untuk tidak cepat marah bertahun-tahun lamanya, namun masih belum berjaya.

Bila dikaitkan semula dengan rasa panas tadi , eloklah periksa fungsi thyroid melalui ujian darah .
Jika tidak ada masaalah hyperthyroid maka lakukan grounding seperti di atas .
Ada banyak remedi homeopathy yang boleh tangani situasi ini dan boleh jumpa pengamal untuk rawatan

Jangan amalkan makanan panas seperti habbatusaodah ginseng dan halia .

Dari segi amalan , banyakkan selawat dan astaghfar .

Antibiotics-Not the magic medicine? 

“It is ironic that this humble fungus, hailed as a benefactor of mankind, may by its very success prove to be a deciding factor in the decline of the present civilization.”

        -Dr. John I. Pitt, The Genus Penicillium, Academic Press, 1979

As a medical doctor, it is with mixed emotions that I write this article about antibiotics. It may seem that I have almost nothing good to say about antibiotics but I acknowledge that antibiotics have saved lives in the past when the bacterial resistance was not the big problem that it is now.  Many antibiotics that I have used in the past are almost useless now because of bacterial resistance and alarming  infectious states have developed because of this bacterial resistance .

Antibiotics are not the only way to treat infections as the following case might illustrate:

I saw a child of 5 years with multiple boils which were recurrent. For the past months, the child had been having crops of boils.  She had seen the local general practitioner for every episode and each time was given antibiotics for the boils. Usually,  week after a full course of antibiotics, the boils came back. This repeated itself again and again. Before coming to see me, she had gone to see the General practitioner again and this time was given three bottles of 3 types of antibiotics.  For her mum, this was the last straw and she decided that antibiotics were not solving the problem.  I took the case carefully and decided to give Arnica which is one of the remedy for crops of boils in homeopathic prescribing.  On follow up several months later, the mother described the following: “After the first dose of Arnica, more boils came out but they were generally smaller and caused very little discomfort, broke open and dried up soon after.  Before this, the boils would come back a short distance from the old ones but this time, there were no new boils and she had remained boil free!”

Antibiotics do kill bacteria and for boils, the culprit is certainly a bacteria. The antibiotic kills the bacteria and the patient gets better and then, the patient gets re-infected because the problem here is  that the body’s immune system could not deal with the bacteria which are actually present all the time and will cause boils in susceptible people.   Antibiotics are like mercenary soldiers sent in to kill the invaders when the real culprit is a poor defense mechanism.   Antibiotics are usually broad spectrum which means they do not choose which bacteria to kill or inactivate, instead they kill all within the spectrum. What this means is that they can kill the commensals which inhabit our intestinal tract and are contributing to our immune system defenses.  This means antibiotics may compromise the immune system and weaken it further.

We do need antibiotics in serious bacterial infections but what has happened over the years is that the antibiotics are not effectively killing the pathogenic bacteria anymore and, the bacteria are now getting resistant to antibiotics.  Recurrent or frequent use of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance as well as proliferation of the bacteria which are not susceptible to the antibiotics used. The balance of bacteria to fungus in the gut is upset when antibiotics are used and this results in gut dysbiosis which in turn affects the immune system.

A recent report states that the last frontier of a broad spectrum antibiotic Carbapenems [i] which was the treatment of choice in hospital acquired infections is now no longer as effective since the hospital infections are now resistant even to this antibiotic.

This report has a personal meaning for me since I lost two relatives to hospital infections. An uncle who was admitted for bleeding in his gastrointestinal tract developed intermittent low grade fever after he was discharged. A few months later he was readmitted for sudden paralysis.  There was an abscess in his spinal bone near his neck that had burst open. He died a few days later from septic shock. The infection that caused the abscess was acquired from the hospital when he was admitted for the gastrointestinal bleed. He had been put on antibiotics several times when he was having the low grade fever but it did not wipe out the infection.

An aunt who was diabetic had a coronary artery bypass operation and the operation was a success. She never came out of the hospital alive. The leg the vein was removed from became infected and subsequently and it was amputated.  The other leg, which was perfectly good then became gangrenous and was also amputated. A week later she died of septic shock in spite of masses of antibiotics.  The infection that came on after the bypass operation was a hospital acquired infection.

An adult human has three to four pounds of beneficial bacteria and yeast living within the intestines. These microbes compete for nutrients from the food eaten. The strength in numbers of beneficial bacteria keeps the ever-present yeasts in check and causes them to produce nutrients such as the B vitamins.

The use of antibiotics indiscriminately and repeatedly also causes a proliferation of yeasts in the gut. While yeasts are normal organisms in the gut, broad spectrum antibiotics kills off the beneficial bacteria and this imbalance causes the yeast to grow too much.  Yeasts that grow beyond the normal balance become opportunistic organisms. As the intestinal bacteria die, yeasts thrive, especially when their dietary needs are met and yeasts thrive on sugar. They can use their hyphae  to pierce holes through the lining of  the intestinal wall. This results in leaky gut syndrome.  Given their ability kill beneficial bacteria and upset the flora and fauna balance in the gut, antibiotics are also likely contribute to leaky gut syndrome.

It may also be that parasitic yeasts can also cause change in food likes and cravings and it may make a person want to binge on carbohydrates including pasta, bread, sugar, potatoes. This would indeed cause weight gain and all the health complications than come along with it.

The leaky gut also causes food allergies since the partly digested food can pass straight to the blood stream via the ‘holes’ in the gut. When these particles circulate in the blood, the body’s immune system identifies them as foreign bodies and hence attacks them causing food allergies and all its related reactions.

Even if we did not take antibiotics for any infections that we have, we are still faced with the fact that the animals we consume are routinely given antibiotics in their feeds and antibiotics are present in their meat!  A solution to this would be to take organic meats and to buy meats which are certified antibiotic residue free.

I would not be fair to the reader if I did not offer my solutions to the problems resulting from antibiotics.  I list below some of my suggestions.

1.       Build up the body’s immunity by making sure we take prebiotics daily to feed our healthy gut bacteria and avoid taking processed foods which contain a lot of sugars. Sugar feeds the fungus, cellulose feeds the bad bacteria and insoluble sugars feed the good bacteria. Some good insoluble fibres are gum Arabic, lactulose and pectin. Making sure we have a balance of complex carbohydrates and adequate protein in the diet adds to our defenses and it would not hurt to exercise a little too!

2.       Take probiotics after every course of antibiotics to build the body’s bacteria level back up and maybe even take some natural probiotic foods like kimchi and yoghurt.

3.       Ask your doctor to prescribe nystatin to take along with your course of antibiotics since they keep the fungal population under control.

4.       Go for natural treatments like Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Cellular resonance treatments, Magnetic pulse therapies rather than use antibiotics. These methods act through the body’s own defense mechanism to over the infection. 



Nak rawat guna antibiotik ke?


Saya pernah merawat seorang kanak-kanak perempuan berumur 5 tahun yang mendapat bisul api satu badan berulang-ulang dengan mengunakan ubat homeopathy . Bisulnya keluar juga selepas rawatan homeopathy dan ibunya nampak perbezaan dalam cara bisul keluar selepas makan ubat homeopathy. Bisul semakin kecil dan cepat pecah serta kering. Lepas seminggu bisul terus hilang dan tidak datang semula. Sebelum itu dia mendapat rawatan dari klinik swasta. Setiap bulan keluar bisul kadang-kadang dua kali sebulan. Setiap kali anak itu akan diberitakan antibiotik dan ibunya memberi sehingga habis. Sebaik saja habis bisul datang lagi . Kali terakhir sebelum jumpa saya, doktor telah memberikan anak itu tiga jenis antibiotik dalam tiga botol untuk makan serentak . Waktu itulah ibunya rasakan dia perlu cuba cara lain dan berjumpa dengan saya . Kesian doktor tu, dia tak tahu cara lain untuk merawat. Bisul timbul sebab kuman dan rawatan paling wajar dalam pengetahuan dia adalah antibiotik sebab antibiotik bunuh kuman. Namun soalan yang tidak terjawab , kenapa kuman itu datang semula ? 

Antibiotik ibarat askar upahan yang digajikan untuk bunuh musuh namun bila tamat tempoh perkhidmatan maka tamatlah kerjanya . Bila sempadan lemah, musuh serang semula . Maka, apa yang patut dirawat, sempadan atau pangil askar upahan ? Dalam kes anak ini, sempadan maksudnya sistem immune. Sistem immune yang lemah dan perlu dirawat . 

Ubat homeopathy tidak bunuh kuman , ubat homeopathy menolong badan kukuhkan sistem immune dan yang nyahkan kuman adalah sistem immune badan sendiri . 

Kalau kita cuba bunuh kuman dengan antibiotik, ibarat askar upahan dengan senapang bazooka dan semua ditembak mati, kuman pathogen dan juga kuman comensal ie kuman baik yang menolong sistem immune badan. Kuman-kuman lactobacillus yang dudukki usus kita amat penting dalam sistem immune badan tapi inipun bunuh oleh antibiotik. 

Memang ada tempat untuk guna antibiotik dan antibiotik ada kalanya amat diperlukan tapi bukan untuk setiap demam selsema dan bukan untuk setiap kes tonsil bengkak dan bukan untuk kes setiap jerawat dan bisul.

Kanser mampu dicegah dengan cara proaktif !

Caricature drawing by Korean ArtistSemalan semasa mengajar seorang doktor perubatan Homeopathy untuk duduki peperiksaan LFHom, saya ceritakan tentang perasaan kesal saya bila tidak dapat selamatkan sahabat saya dari mengalami penyakit yang sama seperti kakaknya. Saya gagal sebab saya tidak beritahu sahabat saya yang ada rawatan mencegah untuk cancer dan bila kita ada sejarah cancer dalam keluarga, terutama keluarga terdekat seperti adik beradik kita sendiri maka risiko cancer bagi kita menjadi berlipat ganda. Cancer boleh dihidarkan dengan beberapa strategi dan yang paling utama adalah rawatan homeopathy yang disebut constitutional treatment . Ini bukan sebarang rawatan homeopathy tetapi sebuah rawatan yang khusus di arahkan kepada penyakit penyakit genetic yang ada dalam keluarga kita, termasuklah penyakit cancer, kencing manis, auto immune dan lain lain. Rawatan homeopathy sahaja tidak cukup untuk cegah cancer dan langkar-langkah lain termasuk menukar cara makan dan mengendalikan stres dalam kehidupan . Ini termasuk mengubah gaya hidup dan juga mengubah sikap . Saya selalu sebut bahawa penyakit kanser ada equationnya ia itu genetic+  toksin kimia+ emotional toksin= cancer
Untuk hindarkannya , kena pastikan semuanya ini ditahap rendah atau lenyapkan sama sekali .
Senang tapi susah betultak ?
Toksin kimia wujud dalam alam sekitar dalam bentuk air pollution, water pollution dan dalam makanan dalam berbentuk toksin makanana, pengawet, perasa tiruan , pewarna dan lain lain.
Toksin emosi wujud dalam diri kita bila sentiasa berhadapan dengan orang-orang negative atau kita sendiri bersikap negatif, bekerja dengan boss yang jahat dan memaksa serta memerah keringat kita tanpa memikirkan kebajikan kita . Apa yang dapat kita ubah adalah beberapa sikap dalam diri kita ia itu sikap pemaaf, redha dan syukur. Bukan saya sarankan untuk kita jadi lemah dan beralah tapi saya sarankan kita pupuk dan didik sikap ini disampin memastikan kita elak dan betulkan suasana dirumah dan ditempat kerja dan betulkan kezaliman dikeliling kita ! Orang yang memendam rasa memang ada kemungkinan mengeramkan kanser dalam badannya jika ada genetic kanser dan terdedah kepada toksin kimia !

Professional Vocational Training in Homeopathy for Health professionals

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Reasons to train in homeopathy

1. Help more patients


There is a demand for natural treatment options more and more these days as less people are willing to take conventional drugs with side effects – especially if the side effects are worse than the original symptoms. Integrating homeopathy into your practice gives you another option for those patients who cannot be helped with conventional treatment or for those patients for whom conventional treatment has not worked.

2. Personal development


Homeopathy could be an extra tool that gives you the edge over other profession

als in your practice.  You will be learning about a whole new system of medicine and a new way of looking at health entirely which many Faculty members say has made them better practitioners.

3. Cost effectiveness

Homeopathy is cheap and may save in referrals to specialists and consultants.

Find out why other healthcare professionals have decided to train in homeopathy and how they use homeopathy in their day to day practice.

Basic course requirements


Faculty of Homeopathy courses are open to statutorily registered healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and dentists and vets.  Find out more about our training courses. Currently those with the BHMS and DHMS qualifications are not eligible for Faculty of Homeopathy training or membership.

LFHom Vocational Training is now available in Malaysia!

This vocational training is in preparation for the primary care exam which leads to the LFHom.  The LFHom membership entitles the holder to associate membership in the Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council .

The foundation level course is open to all statutorily regulated healthcare professionals with qualifications that are registrable in the UK – for examples doctors who are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).
LFHom’s must always work within the bounds of competence expected of their profession and their homeopathic knowledge.The course ultimately leads to Licenced Associate membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy (LFHom) upon passing the Primary Health Care Examination (PHCE) which equips professionals with an understanding of the basic principles of homeopathy and the ability to treat acute cases.  Some professionals can then start to treat more complex cases under supervision and work towards the MFHom.

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Watch your filter!

To be human is to be prejudiced. We get used to seeing things in a certain way. At times we do not even notice we are seeing something from a certain perspective. It is like forgetting you have sunglasses on and thinking that the day has become dark!
So we see somebody behaving in a certain way and we link it back to our own behaviour and we usually know why we do something- usually, but not always. We then equate what the other person did with a hidden intention within that other person. Worse still, we then use our perception to make an accusation and maybe we are right but, maybe we are wrong!
Have you done that lately? Have you accused somebody of showing off? Of wanting a free ride, or of trying to impress? Do you know or, is it a perception based on your own view point which includes your filters?
It matters if you work with people, it also matters if you are a doctor and even more when you are a homeopath to know you have filters and know when you are being opinionated and when you are being objective in your recording the symptoms and signs of the case.
As an example, a patient starts to bat their eyelids at you and you immediately go on your guard because you think she is flirting. It turns out she has dust in her eyes. So the filter you have is your past experience of other women who bat their eyelids at you!
Another example would be when a person is good at something and demonstrates what they are good at. You immediately think: “Show off! ” It may just be that the person is just being her/him self and does not even think very much of what he/she is good at, simply because it is part and parcel of him/her.

So the point I am driving at is, to be aware of your filters, do not make assumptions and worse still accuse people based on your interpretation of their behaviour. Ask if you need to and find that person’s reasons, not the ones you think are that persons reasons!

Samuel Hahneman

This is a very beautiful account of Samuel Hahnemann. It shows his generous nature, his sensible genius and his methodology.

He was advanced in his knowledge of hygeine and knew how important it is to hydrate an ill patient, did away with harmful practices and saved many lives that were otherwise lost.

This is an article all doctors and healers should read