Gems and Opportunities.

As a human creature, we truly like positive feedback and just hate negative feedback. Bosses in general expect their subordinates to appreciate their negative feedback and “improve”. Actually, it does not work that way. It is demoralizing and an extreme put down especially when the subordinate in question is hardworking and does his/her best within their human limitations.
The subordinate needs to feel appreciated for their hard work. They also need feedback that should be something like this: ” You know how I marvel at the amount of work you have done to ….! And, here is some feedback on how you could be more effective. So and so is not too happy with the way you did ….., and this has been echoed by some others too… maybe you could change your strategy….What do you think, can you come up with a different way of handling these people or, do you need my suggestion?” All said with a twinkle in the eye and compassion in the heart , with a sincere desire to help the hapless subordinate.
This is a coaching style of leadership that could move a level three personnel who micromanages because he/she thinks he/she is the only one who can do the job to someone who will let go of total control and learn to trust those working under him/her.

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