The Evolution of Chronic Disease

Dato’ Dr.Suriyakhatun Osman
Current understanding of Hahnemann’s chronic diseases

evolution of chronic diseases

 The nature of chronic diseases is:

Evolving, getting worse and worse unless managed at root cause. This is different from static conditions that are have surgical or traumatic causes or are caused by chemical damage

A.     Pathways to chronic disease

1.      Inherited chronic disease

Genetic, toxins of mum
emotional and chemical

The individual is born with characteristic features and prone to certain states which are tendencies and diathesis.

Tendencies & diathesis are at the beginning stage of chronic diseases. While recurring and getting better, the episodes become more and more frequent then settle in one part progressing from tendencies to diathesis.

·  Tendencies multiple symptoms in multiple systems come and go

·   Diathesis, settled in one system gets more frequent

2.      Acquired are usually viral infection in a great majority of cases, bacterial are opportunistic agents as secondary infections on already weakened terrain.  Only viruses are small enough to affect the DNA and RNA.


Outcomes of acquired viral infections:

1. totally resolved = Cured

If the infection faces suppressive treatment it becomes partially resolved and acquires tendencies and diathesis and progresses to Chronic diseases There will be a “History of never been well since.”



Triggers that worsen chronic disease states and cause it to progress

  • Toxin
    • Emotions
    • Chemicals
    • Organic
    • Inorganic
  • Infections
    • Viral
    • Fungal
    • Bacterial
  • Weather changes


suppressive treatment

  • Suppressive treatment
    • Checked discharges- example, a runny nose suddenly disappears followed later by enlarged lymph nodes.
    • Other disturbances example a shocking event that cuts short a process in the body .
    • Drugs that suppress symptoms


Management of chronic diseases can be divided into three

1.      True cure:

Addresses root cause

Treat using Essential and miasmatic remedies in Homeopathy

Or, any treatment that corrects the original imbalance by first creating an acute state .

Possible when no organic pathological changes

2.      Incurable cases are those with pathological changes present and are in non-regenerating organs

Treatment options

A} Palliative where the disease does not heal but does not progress .

Chronic condition remains static

Support with “

o   Nutritional

o   Supplements
o   Organ remedies
o   Lifestyle changes

 B) Suppressive treatment  is when symptoms are controlled but pathology worsens over time

Examples of suppressive treatment: Strong suppressive drugs

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